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Reservation Methods


This is a collection of methods that allow you to read and update the fetched reservation object.


const client = await AutohostSDK.init({
reservationId: RESERVATION_ID,

const reservation = client.reservation.get();



Returns the fetched reservation object.

The guestPortalScreens data on this object may be especially helpful as you build your Verification UI. This lists the screens that should be displayed to the user, based on your Autohost configuration. Sending the data for these screens is not mandatory. You can choose to send data for any screens that are included in your plan with Autohost.

You also have access to the settings defined for your Guest Portal, allowing you to choose to use the Autohost dashboard to configure your custom Verification UI.

Reservation Model

export type Nullable<T> = T | null;
export type NullableString = Nullable<string>;
export type NullableNumber = Nullable<number>;
export type NullableBoolean = Nullable<boolean>;

export type ReservationSettings = {
force_guest_portal_company_brand?: boolean;
enable_guest_portal_id_verification?: boolean;
enable_guest_portal_id_collection?: boolean;
enable_guest_portal_fraud_detection?: boolean;
enable_guest_portal_deposit?: boolean;
enable_guest_portal_background_check?: boolean;
enable_guest_portal_credit_check?: boolean;
hide_check_in_out_time?: boolean;
guest_portal_screens?: {
UsageAgreement?: RiskScoreColour;
Start?: RiskScoreColour;
CustomScreen?: RiskScoreColour;
HouseRules?: RiskScoreColour;
CreditCheck?: RiskScoreColour;
Overview?: RiskScoreColour;
GuestList?: RiskScoreColour;
IDVerification?: RiskScoreColour;
Selfie?: RiskScoreColour;
AboutYou?: RiskScoreColour;
TimeInfoEdit?: RiskScoreColour;
Coronavirus?: RiskScoreColour;
PersonalInfo?: RiskScoreColour;
PurposeOfStay?: RiskScoreColour;
SecurityDeposit?: RiskScoreColour;
BackgroundCheck?: RiskScoreColour;
LongTerm?: RiskScoreColour;
Finish?: RiskScoreColour;
FileUpload?: RiskScoreColour;
IDCollection?: RiskScoreColour;
AuthorityReporting?: RiskScoreColour;
guest_portal_screens_settings?: {
HouseRules?: {
rules?: string[];
extraRules?: string[];
UsageAgreement?: UsageAgreementScreenSettings;
BackgroundCheck?: {
nights?: number;
CustomScreen?: {
subtitle?: string;
title?: string;
fields?: {
help?: string;
name?: string;
type?: string;
choices?: {
text?: string;
notify?: boolean;
required?: boolean;
Finish?: {
button_permanent?: boolean;
subtitle?: string;
button_link?: string;
button_text?: string;
title?: string;
append_code?: boolean;
SecurityDeposit?: {
amount?: number;
days_before_checkout?: number;
deposit?: {
orange?: number;
red?: number;
green?: number;
yellow?: number;
currency?: string;
days_before_checkin?: number;
waiver?: {
orange?: number;
red?: number;
green?: number;
terms?: string;
enabledFor?: {
orange?: boolean;
red?: boolean;
green?: boolean;
yellow?: boolean;
yellow?: number;
exclude_airbnb?: boolean;
waiver_enabled?: boolean;
IDVerification?: {
usa_only?: boolean;
unverified_only?: boolean;
no_backside?: boolean;
attempts?: 2;
PersonalInfo?: {
force_address?: boolean;
airbnb_phone_optional?: boolean;
airbnb_email_optional?: boolean;
force_dob?: boolean;
AuthorityReporting?: AuthorityReportingScreenSettings;
LongTerm?: {
nights?: string;
subtitle?: string;
fields?: {
name?: string;
type?: string;
title?: string;
GuestList?: {
airbnb_phone_optional?: boolean;
airbnb_email_optional?: boolean;
input_fields?: string[];
optional_fields?: string[];
Coronavirus?: {
detectedOnly?: NullableBoolean;
title?: string;
subtitle?: string;
[key: string]: any;
CreditCheck?: {
nights?: NullableNumber;
FileUpload?: {
title?: NullableString;
subtitle?: NullableString;
body?: NullableString;
ExtraServices?: {
products?: {
id?: string;
total?: number;
guest_portal_deposit_amount?: NullableNumber;
guest_portal_deposit_currency?: NullableString;
guest_portal_force_personal_email?: NullableBoolean;
guest_portal_custom_domain?: NullableString;
guest_portal_hide_listing_name?: NullableString;
operto_portal_redirect?: NullableBoolean;

export type Reservation = {
id: string;
hid: string;
lid: string;
source?: NullableString;
status?: NullableString;
confirmation_code?: NullableString;
listing_name?: NullableString;
listing_nickname?: NullableString;
listing_city?: NullableString;
listing_country?: NullableString;
listing_country_code?: NullableString;
listing_address?: NullableString;
listing_street?: NullableString;
listing_state?: NullableString;
listing_apartment?: any | null;
listing_picture_large?: NullableString;
listing_picture_regular?: NullableString;
listing_picture_thumbnail?: NullableString;
listing_max_occupancy?: NullableNumber;
listing_timezone_name?: NullableString;
number_of_guests?: NullableNumber;
nights?: NullableNumber;
total_price?: NullableString;
check_in_date?: NullableString;
check_out_date?: NullableString;
check_in_time?: NullableNumber;
check_out_time?: NullableNumber;
guest_full_name: string;
guest_first_name?: NullableString;
guest_email?: string;
guest_phone?: string;
guest_timezone?: NullableString;
guest_ip_country?: NullableString;
guest_preverified?: NullableBoolean;
guest_has_stripe_customer_id?: NullableBoolean;
guest_has_paid_extra_services?: NullableBoolean;
host_name?: NullableString;
created_at?: NullableString;
protect_color?: NullableString;
protect_score?: NullableNumber;
company?: {
name?: NullableString;
email?: NullableString;
phone?: NullableString;
stripe?: NullableString;
faq_url?: NullableString;
logo_contrast_url?: NullableString;
website_url?: NullableString;
logo_url?: NullableString;
color_secondary?: NullableString;
color_primary?: NullableString;
payment_integration_name?: NullableString;
} | null;
settings?: ReservationSettings;
completed?: NullableBoolean;
last_step?: NullableString;
last_completed?: NullableString;
last_updated?: NullableString;
location?: LocationObject | string | null;
visas?: {
AO?: NullableBoolean;
CM?: NullableBoolean;
CF?: NullableBoolean;
TD?: NullableBoolean;
CD?: NullableBoolean;
CG?: NullableBoolean;
GA?: NullableBoolean;
BI?: NullableBoolean;
ER?: NullableBoolean;
ET?: NullableBoolean;
KE?: NullableBoolean;
MG?: NullableBoolean;
MW?: NullableBoolean;
MU?: NullableBoolean;
MZ?: NullableBoolean;
RW?: NullableBoolean;
SC?: NullableBoolean;
SO?: NullableBoolean;
TZ?: NullableBoolean;
UG?: NullableBoolean;
ZM?: NullableBoolean;
ZW?: NullableBoolean;
DZ?: NullableBoolean;
EG?: NullableBoolean;
LY?: NullableBoolean;
MA?: NullableBoolean;
SD?: NullableBoolean;
TN?: NullableBoolean;
BW?: NullableBoolean;
LS?: NullableBoolean;
NA?: NullableBoolean;
SZ?: NullableBoolean;
BJ?: NullableBoolean;
BF?: NullableBoolean;
GM?: NullableBoolean;
GH?: NullableBoolean;
GN?: NullableBoolean;
GW?: NullableBoolean;
CI?: NullableBoolean;
LR?: NullableBoolean;
ML?: NullableBoolean;
MR?: NullableBoolean;
NG?: NullableBoolean;
NE?: NullableBoolean;
SN?: NullableBoolean;
TG?: NullableBoolean;
AG?: NullableBoolean;
BS?: NullableBoolean;
BB?: NullableBoolean;
CU?: NullableBoolean;
DM?: NullableBoolean;
DO?: NullableBoolean;
GD?: NullableBoolean;
HT?: NullableBoolean;
JM?: NullableBoolean;
KN?: NullableBoolean;
VC?: NullableBoolean;
TT?: NullableBoolean;
BZ?: NullableBoolean;
SV?: NullableBoolean;
GT?: NullableBoolean;
HN?: NullableBoolean;
NI?: NullableBoolean;
PA?: NullableBoolean;
GL?: NullableBoolean;
MX?: NullableBoolean;
US?: NullableBoolean;
AR?: NullableBoolean;
BO?: NullableBoolean;
BR?: NullableBoolean;
CL?: NullableBoolean;
CO?: NullableBoolean;
GY?: NullableBoolean;
PY?: NullableBoolean;
PE?: NullableBoolean;
UY?: NullableBoolean;
VE?: NullableBoolean;
AF?: NullableBoolean;
KZ?: NullableBoolean;
RU?: NullableBoolean;
TM?: NullableBoolean;
UZ?: NullableBoolean;
CN?: NullableBoolean;
HK?: NullableBoolean;
MO?: NullableBoolean;
JP?: NullableBoolean;
MN?: NullableBoolean;
TW?: NullableBoolean;
BD?: NullableBoolean;
BT?: NullableBoolean;
IO?: NullableBoolean;
NP?: NullableBoolean;
PK?: NullableBoolean;
BN?: NullableBoolean;
KH?: NullableBoolean;
ID?: NullableBoolean;
LA?: NullableBoolean;
MY?: NullableBoolean;
MM?: NullableBoolean;
SG?: NullableBoolean;
TH?: NullableBoolean;
VN?: NullableBoolean;
AM?: NullableBoolean;
AZ?: NullableBoolean;
BH?: NullableBoolean;
CY?: NullableBoolean;
GE?: NullableBoolean;
AE?: NullableBoolean;
IR?: NullableBoolean;
IQ?: NullableBoolean;
IL?: NullableBoolean;
JO?: NullableBoolean;
KW?: NullableBoolean;
LB?: NullableBoolean;
OM?: NullableBoolean;
PS?: NullableBoolean;
QA?: NullableBoolean;
SY?: NullableBoolean;
TR?: NullableBoolean;
YE?: NullableBoolean;
AT?: NullableBoolean;
BE?: NullableBoolean;
BG?: NullableBoolean;
HR?: NullableBoolean;
CZ?: NullableBoolean;
DK?: NullableBoolean;
FO?: NullableBoolean;
NL?: NullableBoolean;
EE?: NullableBoolean;
FI?: NullableBoolean;
FR?: NullableBoolean;
DE?: NullableBoolean;
GR?: NullableBoolean;
HU?: NullableBoolean;
IE?: NullableBoolean;
IT?: NullableBoolean;
LV?: NullableBoolean;
LT?: NullableBoolean;
MT?: NullableBoolean;
PL?: NullableBoolean;
PT?: NullableBoolean;
RO?: NullableBoolean;
SK?: NullableBoolean;
ES?: NullableBoolean;
SE?: NullableBoolean;
AL?: NullableBoolean;
AD?: NullableBoolean;
BY?: NullableBoolean;
BA?: NullableBoolean;
GB?: NullableBoolean;
LI?: NullableBoolean;
MD?: NullableBoolean;
ME?: NullableBoolean;
SJ?: NullableBoolean;
SM?: NullableBoolean;
RS?: NullableBoolean;
CH?: NullableBoolean;
UA?: NullableBoolean;
VA?: NullableBoolean;
AU?: NullableBoolean;
FJ?: NullableBoolean;
KI?: NullableBoolean;
MH?: NullableBoolean;
FM?: NullableBoolean;
NR?: NullableBoolean;
NZ?: NullableBoolean;
PW?: NullableBoolean;
WS?: NullableBoolean;
SB?: NullableBoolean;
TO?: NullableBoolean;
TV?: NullableBoolean;
is_approved?: NullableBoolean;
is_verified?: NullableBoolean;
is_review?: NullableBoolean;
is_pending?: NullableBoolean;
is_superhog?: NullableBoolean;
is_repeat_guest?: NullableBoolean;
is_previously_declined_guest?: NullableBoolean;
form?: object; // This includes the already submitted Verification data
authority_report?: any[];
building_screen?: {
enabled?: NullableBoolean;
fields?: any[];
title?: NullableString;
subtitle?: NullableString;
without_listring?: NullableBoolean;
travel_advisory?: NullableBoolean | NullableString;
whitelisted?: NullableBoolean;