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Privacy Policies and biometric data

AutoHost takes mutual responsibility along with the Property Manager for the protection and handling of guest information, biometric included, for three primary reasons: 

  1. AutoHost does not own the information they are processing, the Property Manager owns the data. The data is collected and analyzed by AutoHost for fraud / risk prevention purposes on behalf of the Property Manager.
  2. AutoHost and the Property Manager have mutual access to this information, therefore have mutual responsibility in its protection and handling.
  3. AutoHost serves clients globally, we are constantly monitoring changing privacy acts but as agreed upon in the SaaS agreement, clients are expected to stay informed and comply with all local state, national and foreign laws as well.

We strongly encourage our property managers to follow these important measures to protect your company as it pertains to the collection and handling of guest information, biometrics included:

  • Stay informed of local, state, national and foreign laws as it pertains to the privacy, collection and retention of personal data and biometrics
  • Create or update your Privacy Policy to adhere to the most up-to-date restrictive privacy acts
  • Add the Privacy Policy to the company page for public view, as well all listings for guest view before booking, and to the Usage Agreement to receive written permissions from the guest via AutoHost's Guest Portal
  • Create a data retention schedule and share with AutoHost
  • Find guidance from a legal team or lawyers
  • Reach out to your Customer Success Manager with AutoHost for support