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Intro to Billing

Use this page to view a list of all invoices, and to update your card details.

Table of Contents

  1. Upcoming Invoice
  2. Previous Invoices
  3. Update Card
  4. Reports

1. Upcoming Invoice

This gives you the ability to view an itemized list of validation checks completed, and the next payment due date.


All clients are invoiced in USD.

2. Previous Invoices

This gives you the ability to review the payment due, and the payment status, of each individual invoice statement. Each statement is downloadable.

To request an invoice copy for a specific month, log on to Autohost and go to Billing > Previous Invoices > Open the desired invoice

The invoice is sent automatically on billing day to the primary account email address saved in the account settings.

3. Update Card

This gives you the ability to update your billing details.

4. Reports

This gives you the ability to view reports for the following metrics:

  1. Billing
  2. Reservations
  3. Damage Waiver
  4. Captured Security Deposit
  5. Refunded Security Deposit
  6. Demographics
  7. Guests

For Billing questions, please email

Tip: Simplify the work for your accounting team to review Autohost billing details by granting them account access on your Stripe dashboard.