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Intro to Screening Assistant

Learn how to configure settings for your Screening Assistant.

Table of Contents

  1. Settings
    1. Autohost Default
    2. PMS Specific
  2. Risk Colors
  3. Business Rules
  4. Risk Tolerance
  5. Import

1. Settings

A. Autohost Default

  • Enable Risk Analysis Emails
    This gives you the ability to receive email alerts when a reservation's Risk Score changes.
    Default Setting: OFF
  • Accept Expired Reservations
    This gives you the ability to run a risk analysis on an old/expired reservation. When toggled ON, Autohost will analyze past guests who have already checked out.
    Default Setting: OFF*
    *This is turned OFF by default to ensure that Autohost does not bill you for risk analysis completed on past reservations.
  • Disable Risk Analysis on Inquiries
    This gives you the ability to skip risk analysis on reservation inquiries so that you can focus only on confirmed reservations.
    Default Setting: ON

B. PMS Specific

The settings below will appear under the Settings tab only if your PMS account and Autohost are integrated/connected. For more information on PMS integrations, refer to PMS Integration Guides section.


Send risk analysis to Guesty

This gives you the ability to view verification results on Guesty in two places: on the individual Reservation page (below Extra information), and in your Guesty inbox. For more information on this feature, read Guesty Integration Guide.

Default Setting: OFF

2. Risk Colors

This gives you the ability to 'flag' reservations for manual review, based on their Risk Color.

Recommended Setting:

  • Red: ON
  • Orange: ON
  • Yellow: OFF
  • Green: OFF

Guesty users will be able to view the Risk Colors in their Guesty account in two places:

  • On the Reservation Page, below the header 'Extra information.
  • In the Guesty Inbox.

3. Business Rules

This gives you the ability to create conditional workflows that are meant to supplement your reservation screening process. You can create workflows, such as auto-flagging reservations with certain parameters for manual review, or auto-approving reservations from a designated booking source/OTA.

4. Risk Tolerance

This gives you the ability to determine how the risk colour is assigned to the risk score of a reservation. The risk colour indicates the risk potential of a particular reservation, based on the parameters identified.

5. Import

This gives you the ability to manually import reservations and listings from your PMS, in the event of an outage.