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Test your Autohost - Guesty Integration

We will refer to this page to test your integration with Guesty.

First, let's create a new listing on Guesty:

Tip: Skip this step if you already have a test listing created on Guesty that you use to test new or existing workflows.

  1. On Guesty, click on the '+' icon on the top right.
  2. Click 'New Listing'
  3. Fill out the required fields:
    1. Nickname: AH Test Listing
    2. Title: AH Test Listing
    3. Picture: Upload any image (it can be a photo of a unit)
    4. Base Nightly Rate: 5
  4. Click Save.
  5. Next, click the + icon again, and create a 'test' reservation under your first and last name.

Second, let's enable the new listing on Autohost:

  1. Go to Listings, and search for "AH Test Listing". Click the toggle icon to enable it.
  2. Go to Reservations tab and refresh the page. Once refreshed, click on your test reservation (see screenshot 1).
  3. Click on Links tab to view the individual pages enabled on the Guest Portal (see screenshot 2).
  4. On this page, you can open the URL of the individual pages to view them (see screenshot 3).

Screenshot 1Screenshot_How to Access the Verification Results for an Individual Reservation on Autohost

Screenshot 2Screenshot_Where to View the Individual Pages (Validation Links) of the Guest Portal on Autohost

Screenshot 3

Screenshot_How to View the Individual Pages (Validation Links) of the Guest Portal