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Airbnb guest reviews and risk ratings

No, Airbnb guest reviews are not considered in the risk rating. Here is why:

Autohost was designed to be an ethical and non-biased screening system, as we only use objective parameters. We do not rely on guest reviews because you cannot control them, verify their validity, or even systematically identify whether the reviewers are good or bad. Plus, most professional managers have automatic reviews enabled, which can be misleading. Often, hosts are afraid to leave honest, bad reviews due to retaliation.

Guest reviews are, however, very valuable. With that said, we recommend that property managers review the Airbnb reviews of reservations that are flagged as high-risk reservations on Autohost.

To add to this daily workflow, create a Business Rule (also referred to as a smart rule) that instructs your team to log on to Airbnb and read the reviews of said reservations. Doing so will help inform your decision-making process on approving or declining reservations.