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Sample Messaging for OTAs

Use our sample messaging to explain the Autohost verification process to guests and OTA providers.

Table of Contents

Updating your listing descriptions

We strongly recommend that property managers include their terms of service (ToS) in the descriptions of their listings, where possible. That way, guests are informed of the verification process before booking.

Here's an example of what you can include:

"To abide by all legal requirements and building security rules, you may be asked to provide a copy of your official government-issued photo ID, confirm your contact information, provide a valid credit card with a name that matches your ID, pass through our verification portal and, in some instances, complete a criminal background check.

Important note: The information is collected for screening and verification only and is not stored or used for any other purposes.

Please be advised that all guests will be asked to sign a rental usage agreement that governs the terms of the stay. By completing the reservation you agree to the following:

  • You agree to be bound by our rental terms and conditions.
  • You acknowledge that you will be required to provide a copy of a valid government-issued ID and matching credit card prior to check-in.
  • You acknowledge that you may be required to undergo a background check if mandated by the property management company or the building, as stated in accordance with your rental agreement and the condition of the booking.
  • You understand that your check-in instructions might be withheld until you have successfully completed our verification portal."

Establishing your terms of service

We strongly recommend that company-wide terms of service (ToS) are established by the property manager. The ToS will define what is considered acceptable and not acceptable guest behaviour. These terms should be informed by your internal business practices and should bein adherence to local short-term rental bylaws and building requirements.

Do you require assistance to train your team? Please contact your Success Manager. They will be happy to help you.

Communicating with OTA vendors

When property managers interact with Airbnb or other OTA vendors to discuss the results of a verification process, you may use the following copy to inform your response:

Hello [OTA agent],

As stated by the terms of service and the conditions of the booking, for insurance, security and building registration, we must collect and verify the guest's information. We require a valid photo ID, a matching credit card and a signed usage agreement provided to us through our secure portal. This information is collected and stored in accordance with all local laws. If the guest feels uncomfortable providing this information to us, they can go ahead and cancel the reservation and we will approve a complete refund for the stay.

Thank you,

The Management Team

Protecting guest information

Autohost is GDPR compliant and all personally identifiable information (PII) provided by the guest is kept securely in our system.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the property manager to protect that information. Do not use it in any way that would be incompatible with the intended purpose for which it was collected (i.e. screening and verification).

Unless you receive explicit consent from the guest, do not use any information for solicitation orshare any information with third parties.

To assure your guests their PII is secure, you may use the following copy as a response:

[Your company name] screens all guests using its third party integration, Autohost. The screening process in place will verify your identity, analyze and flag potential risks, validate payment methods, confirm social media accounts, and scan through criminal databases for sex offences and other possible threats. [Your company name] reserves the right to deny the stay for any guest that does not complete or pass verification.

We use the information collected for verification only and do not share your information with any third parties. By applying the appropriate security measures, we preserve the confidentiality of your information.