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SuperHog Integration

Guide to enabling SuperHog on your account and how it works

Protect your properties with SuperHog. Following a successful verification, SuperHog provide guarantees to Autohost customers up to $1 million.

How does it work?

Autohost will collect and verify information from your guests before they arrive. Verified reservations will be sent to SuperHog and automatically apply their Host Guarantee. There's nothing you need to do beyond enabling the integration on the listings you want covered.

What are the benefits?

Autohost is the most robust and thorough screening system in the market right now. Verifying transactions and reservations on Autohost will help you to significantly reduce claims, chargebacks and other issues.

How do I enable the integration?

Login to your Autohost dashboard and go to Listings > Integrations > SuperHog and click Connect, as seen in the screenshot below. This will create a new account for you on SuperHog. Expect an email confirming your new account was created. Make sure you open the email and activate your account.


After successfully registering with SuperHog, users will need connect each listing you want covered. Clicking the button will sync the listing details to SuperHog.


You will then see a message indicating the listing is connected to SuperHog.


You will need to repeat this step for every listing you wish to connect with SuperHog

For very large accounts we are able to perform a bulk sync. Please contact your account manager for help.

How will it affect the Guest Portal?

SuperHog requires date of birth and home address of the primary guest in order to process a reservation. When SuperHog integration is enabled, reservations for this listing will show two additional fields in the Personal Info screen on the Guest Portal:

  • Date of birth
  • Home address



How will it look on my dashboard?

Reservations that were accepted by SuperHog will indicate the SuperHog reservation ID with a small shield icon on the reservation details page:



Check the following if you expect seeing certain reservations on SuperHog but find them missing:

  • Ensure the listing is connected to SuperHog, as instructed above.
  • Make sure all risk colors have ID Verification enabled (Guest Portal > Screens > ID Verification).
  • Make sure the guest completed the Guest Portal process and did not drop in the middle. Incomplete portals are not considered verified.
  • Make sure the guest reservation is not in REVIEW status. If it is, you'll have to manually approve it if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Review the Activity Log for the relevant reservation on Autohost to find integration warnings or errors.