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Screening AI Chat

Autohost AI Chat is your personal assistant within Autohost, answering your questions about verification results and guest details.

Autohost AI Chat is our latest tool designed to streamline your interaction with Autohost. This feature allows you to ask questions about verification results, guest details, and more, effectively acting as your personal assistant within Autohost.

Here's a brief rundown of what Autohost AI Chat can do:

  • Fraud Detection: You can ask the AI to answer questions about any potential fraud detected and information revealed during the screening process.
  • Reservation Lookup: The AI can look up related reservations and their statuses. You can even search for reservations using the guest's email.
  • General Research: Autohost AI Chat can search Google for any topic and even read web pages, giving you the information you need without leaving Autohost.
  • Feedback and Support: If you need to send feedback or support requests to Autohost, the AI can handle that as well.
  • Email Assistance: Autohost AI Chat can help you send emails, including writing cancellation emails.
  • Documentation Search: If you're unsure about something, the AI can search Autohost's documentation to provide answers.
  • Activity Log Search: You can ask the AI to search the reservation, listings, and account activity logs to answer questions.

In essence, Autohost AI Chat is your one-stop-shop for all your Autohost-related inquiries and tasks. Embrace this new feature and let it simplify your Autohost experience.

Autohost AI Chat: Your Comprehensive Assistant

Autohost AI Chat is not just a tool, but a comprehensive assistant designed to provide solutions and support in managing reservations on Autohost. It is equipped to handle queries regarding risk findings, verification results, and guest details, all of which are crucial for maintaining security and quality of service. It's like having a dedicated member of your team, always ready to provide information and insights at a moment's notice.

Comprehensive Investigation Tools: Autohost AI now offers a broader range of investigative tools. Users can command the AI to locate additional reservations made by a specific guest, dispatch messages, perform Google searches, retrieve web pages, among other functions.

Communication Facilitator: Beyond providing information, Autohost AI can also act as a facilitator for communication between users and guests. It's capable of answering guest inquiries, generating cancellation emails, and even crafting letters to contest chargebacks. This ensures that users can handle these situations professionally and efficiently, without needing to spend time drafting responses or learning legal jargon.

Language Translation: One of the unique features of Autohost AI is its ability to translate company policies or instructions into any language. This makes communication smoother and more accessible, especially for businesses with a diverse clientele.

Multi-language Support: Another exciting addition to Autohost AI is its multi-language support. It's capable of understanding and responding to queries in various languages, thereby providing a more inclusive and user-friendly experience.

Example questions and requests

  • Why did the identity verification fail?
  • Are there any public events during the stay that could pose a risk?
  • Google the guest to see if they have been on the news recently
  • What are the Stargate tag options?
  • I really like this new AI Chat feature! Please share my feedback with Autohost.
  • I'm having problems with missing reservations in my account; let Autohost support know I need their help.
  • Have all the messages been sent?
  • Give me more details about that message
  • Where is the guest from?
  • Is it recommended to approve this reservation according to the observations?
  • What other reservations did this guest book with their email?
  • Give me the Autohost IDs for those reservations
  • What are the verification highlights for reservation "ID of reservation"?

Demo Videos

Reservation with suspicious activity:

Normal reservation:

Ongoing Enhancements and Updates

Autohost AI and Screening AI Chat are not static tools. They are continually enhanced and updated, with developers regularly refining algorithms and introducing new features. This ensures that the system remains at the forefront of AI technology, offering users the most accurate, efficient, and reliable service possible.

Continuous Learning: Autohost AI learns from every interaction. It uses these learnings to constantly improve its understanding and responses. This means it becomes more accurate and helpful the more you use it.

Tailored to Your Needs: The Autohost team is always open to feedback and suggestions. This allows for the development of features and enhancements that truly meet the needs of users.

Keeping Up with Industry Changes: The world of reservations and guest screening is always evolving. Regulations change, new risks emerge, and guest behaviours shift. Autohost AI is designed to keep up with these changes, ensuring it continues to provide outstanding service no matter what the future holds.

So, whether you're a property manager looking for an efficient way to manage reservations, or a guest seeking a seamless booking experience, Autohost AI and Screening AI Chat are here to make your life easier and more secure.