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What do we do if a guest didn't complete the Guest Portal?

If you see the 'incomplete' status beside a reservation, this is what you need to do:

If a guest starts going through the Guest Portal, but doesn't complete it, their reservation status will show as 'incomplete.' At this point, it's important to get in touch with the guest and encourage them to complete the Guest Portal.

Consider setting up reminder messages to be sent via Stargate. That way, your messages will go out automatically and only to guests who have yet to complete the Guest Portal. Use wording like "to confirm your reservation, please complete the Guest Portal" and "you're almost confirmed, please complete the Guest Portal," etc.

If you want the guest to pick up where they left off, you can send them their last screen. Under the 'summary' tab of the reservation. See below:


Then under 'links,' copy and paste the dedicated link and send it to the guest. See below: