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What does the reservation status "Verified" mean?

Learn what the Verified status means for you and your team.

Every reservation that passes through the Guest Portal will be given a status. This status tells us whether the guest has completed the Guest Portal and if they have passed Autohost's verifications or if their reservation requires a manual review by a team member.

If the guest has been "verified" by Autohost, that means the reservation presented a very low-risk score and successfully passed all of Autohost's verifications, validations and smart tests.

In most cases, a verified reservation will present a green risk score.

Note: The risk colour assigned to a reservation will depend on the risk tolerance we have configured under the Screening Assistant tab.

A low-risk tolerance takes a strict approach to reservation screening. This means that fewer reservations will present a green risk score. The main objective of this approach is to filter out all risky reservations and bad actors.

A balanced risk tolerance takes a more balanced approach - not too lenient and not too strict. The main objective of this approach is to identify the fine line between exercising the right level of screening, and not creating unnecessary friction through excessive over-screening.

A high-risk tolerance takes a more lenient approach. This means that a greater number of reservations will present a green risk score. The main objective of this approach is to reduce screening requirements in order to maximize profit potential.

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Here's what you will see if the reservation is verified:


Once a guest has been verified, they will receive the check-in instructions, according to the messaging schedule you have configured in your PMS.

For example: if your auto-message is scheduled to send 48 hours before check-in, the message will be released to the guest when that time condition is met. If the guest has not been verified, the message will be held in queue by Stargate until that condition is met (i.e. the reservation is either manually approved by a team member or is auto-verified by Autohost).

Important note: If you prefer to have your auto-messages be dependent on Autohost's verification status, be sure to set up Stargate, Autohost's email relay system.