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Hostaway Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate Autohost with your Hostaway account.

Activation Steps

Click on the integration link sent to you via email by your Autohost Onboarding Specialist, and follow the series of prompts to integrate your Hostaway account to Autohost.

Custom Fields

Autohost will register the following three custom fields on your Hostaway account:

  • Verification Status
  • Guest Portal Completed
  • Risk Color

Verification Status

This custom field will display one of the following four (4) statuses:

pendingSome information is missing or the verification did not start yet.
verifiedThe reservation has been automatically verified.
approveThe reservation was manually approved by a manager.
declineThe reservation was manually declined by a manager.

Guest Portal Completed

This custom field will only have one of two statuses:

trueThe Guest Portal has been completed by the guest.
falseThe Guest Portal has not been completed by the guest and is pending.

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