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Track Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate Autohost with your Track Account.

Activation Steps

  1. On Track, go to Gear/Tool icon (⚙️) > Company Setup > API Keys to visit your list of API keys.
    Screenshot_Where to Locate API Keys on Track
  2. Click + Server Key to create a new API Key. Enter 'Autohost' as the name, and click Save Key.
    Screenshot_How to Create a Server Key on Track

Screenshot_How to Save a New Server Key on Track-1 3. Nice! You've just created a new API Key. While staying on this page, 'copy' the Key and Secret Key, and store it somewhere safe. You will use them to integrate your account to Autohost.
Screenshot_How to Copy the Server Key on Track 4. Next, 'copy' your user subdomain name (see image for reference) and store it somewhere safe. The subdomain can be found on the Track HS dashboard URL, before the "" top-level domain.
Screenshot_Where to Locate Customer Subdomain on Track-3 5. Click on the Integration Link provided to you by your Account Manager, and enter the requested information (API Key Secret Key, Customer subdomain). Next, click Continue. This will create your Autohost account, and import your existing listings.
Screenshot_View of the Requested Fields Needed to Integrate Autohost to Track
Screenshot_View of Onboarding Flow Loading Page 6. Once accounts have synced, a prompt will appear asking you to enter your information and fill out your credit card information. Go ahead and do this to set up your account. 7. Once complete, you will be directed to the main page of your Autohost account. 8. Great job! You're one step closer to automating your guest screening process. Click here to continue setup of your account.