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Custom Screen

Learn about the 'Custom' screen in the Guest Portal:

The 'Custom' screen is a fully customize-able screen that can be used to gather additional information from your guests. You can set up questions with short answers, long answers, in yes/no style or multiple choice.

While this screen is optional, it provides a great opportunity to elevate the guest experience. Use it to offer add-on services or find out more about the guest's stay.

In Autohost, under Guest Portal select Custom Screen.

  1. Choose your title and subtitle
  2. Add in your questions and choices

There are various question formats, including:

  • Short answer
  • Paragraph
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple choice

Other settings include:

  • Mark the question as required
  • Flag specific answers for review
  • Send notification

Once complete:

  • Save your question setup
  • Toggle on your Custom Screen and save

Here is an example of a multiple choice question:

Custom Screen