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Usage Agreement Screen

Learn about the 'Usage Agreement' screen in the Guest Portal:

The usage agreement is a legally binding contract between the "host" and the guest, explicitly stating that the guest will follow the host's rules. The agreement copy can be customized to your liking or you can use the default agreement provided by Autohost. It was written by our lawyers specifically for short-term rentals.

If you have different rules for different properties, you can customize the usage agreement on a listing level, as seen in the screenshot below:


The agreement includes a placeholder for one (1) signature. When the guest views the agreement, they will be prompted to type in their signature or initials.

Does your Home Owners Association (HOA) require you (the Property Manager) to email signed agreements to them for privacy and regulatory reasons? If yes, kindly note that it will be your responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of these agreements.